The cemetery was opened on 28th November 1856, the Church of England section being consecrated by Bishop Gilbert of Chichester, followed by a service in All Saints Church. The first burial was that of ‘Yorky’ Smith.

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"the grave's a fine and private place…" exploring Hastings Cemetery

Why not rest, relax and reflect awhile, sitting on the OHPS / FoHC seat, located on EL, and take in the magnificent view.

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Exhibition - “Australian links in the Cemetery” is proving of interest to a diverse range of people, especially those with an Australian link themselves.

We are particularly interested in trying to trace a photo or drawing of the “Australian Trophy” as related in the exhibition, and at

Abbott, David - went to Australia aged 19, studied and became a solicitor and large land owner in Victoria.  Visited Hastings regularly from 1913 until his death.  Died in Buchanan Hospital while visiting his daughter in Hastings.

Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 07 July 1917 - Mrs. Robertson, nee Miss Abbott Australia, has been visiting Hastings with her husband, ami she has verv kindly entrusted the Hon. Secretary with a trophy-to be to the Sea Angling Festival Committee in commemoration of visits to the Hastings and St. Leonards Festivals. This trophy lias been especially brought from Australia and is typical our Colony


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